There are points which I find myself thinking, ‘Why did I do that?’ ‘Are you stupid?’ Usually I ask there rhetorical questions because I have made a mistake. Recently I feel I have been thinking about some decisions. Either I’ve been questioning my decisions or just wishing I never made some of them. I look back on moments and think if I had stopped at just that exact moment I could have been a completely different person with a different life. Weird isn’t it? A day or even a minute can change everything.

This got me thinking about the mistakes I have made. And there’s not a particular one which comes to mind, because me being me I have made a lot of them. Our worst memories usually have an emotion behind them, normally a sad or angry or painful one. And it got me thinking, bad decisions we make usually make have a sting to them. Almost like a slap on the face. They leave an ache which is sharp at the time and eases until a dull ache until its a reminder to never do something again. A mistake is a metaphorical slap on the face; a reminder.

But as I look back a lot of my mistakes are the reason for some of my happy memories. Mistakes are a blessing if we want them to be. Owning that mistake, accepting that mistake and improving from that mistake can radically change lives. The part where we go wrong is when we try to ignore the mistake and can’t become better from it.

Please note the mistakes I’m talking about are small details. I’m not talking about doing huge mistakes which cause serious harm to other people… those aren’t mistakes they’re either illegal or immoral acts.

But on a day to day scale, don’t always be too hard on yourself. Don’t ignore. But utilise each situation and opportunity, learn from it and grow. Move on. I’ve heard we are put in the same situation but with different characters sometimes to test you, and I guess when you’re in that situation again be better. Because that’s all we can do.

I put my display picture as a rainy day because every cloud has a silver lining. So chin up.

I don’t know if this post is of any use to be honest. Just some thoughts pieced together. Hope you’re having a good summer, leave you’re thoughts if you want to. (All comments are anonymous)

2 thoughts on “Mistakes

  1. I just read what you wrote and realized how true your words are. We are all put in circumstances which test our skills of getting along. Some times it is not easy but as you said we learn and grow from them. Great writing STORY OF A GRADUATE.


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