PgDipED? My Experience

Okay, so its been a while….okay more than a while.

To be honest, I write when I feel like there’s a purpose and for the last few months I needed to just be in the moment before I could blog it all. (Also thanks to an unexpected reader).

So, if you don’t know me, you won’t know that I have been spending the year doing a PgDipEd. Yes I know that sounds wrong. But at the Unitversity of Birmingham it’s not a PGCE (Post graduate certificate in education) but a diploma which is slightly more. Most courses do a certificate in education but a diploma is two thirds of a masters which I can complete next year. (If you are interested in the education career route, I will have some teaching related posts).

So why did I choose this route? For everyone who has just done a degree that is multi-disciplinary like me, I had many options and directions for my career. Which I loved, and to be honest I had a job (something which not many people will know) but it didn’t feel right. I didn’t want a job which was related to my field but didn’t have a direct change to the world. I knew me and I knew I would eventually get lost.

Teaching was never on my mind set. Like ever. I have even joked about teaching as a last resort. Ever heard the joke, ‘Those who can’t do…teach’, well I probably told that to everyone I know. But on the day of my last exam, sitting in the computer cluster doing a bit of mindfulness, the home page was on UoB’s new school in Dubai. For a girl just about to graduate, a year in Dubai sounded good (insert eye emoji (I would but wordpress won’t let me)). So I looked up teaching.

First things first, you would get paid and I mean paid. The grant for doing a PgDipEd in Science is £26K. Compared to a masters, it was a more financially viable choice. But as well as that, I liked the chance to help others and do something that would help someone else and be able to hopefully do some good. So I went for it and all praise be to God, I managed to survive the year. Barely. But I survived.

My year has been interesting to say the least. I felt like a ‘PgDipEd’ for signing myself up for this. Extremely emotional and extremely tiring but most of all, worth it. I am not going to lie, from October to December I was experiencing the worst time. But in that time, it showed me that I did love teaching.

But one thing I will say. Teaching is hard. I am sorry for all those teachers which I made fun of and said the those who can’t do line. Teacher’s receive the stick from the student, from other teachers, from parents, the media and people like old me who thought teaching was easy.

That’s me all caught up. What my year has been in 500 words. I will be giving a more detailed account on teaching, the application process and what to expect during different stages of the PgDipEd/PGCE. As well as some more general graduate posts. Also, congratulations for all those new graduates! Welcome to the blog and enjoy your summer!

(The image is of a poster made by a student in my y8 class. The text reads ‘if theres a fat bird and it falls down a hill it will fall faster than a skinny

bird because it is heavier.’ What profound words.)

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