I’m not Perfect

I feel the titles speaks for itself. I am not perfect and neither is anyone else. No one can expect that from me or I can’t expect that from anyone else.

Things in life happen, we don’t get along all the time with anyone because we are all different, all with our own opinions and our own faults. We can’t expect anything better from anyone else than what we give out ourselves. I recently had difficulties with someone and it didn’t end too well. But that’s beside the point. We all have some conflicts at some point and to be honest, if I was in the wrong (and I must have been for something) I take that responsibility and look inwardly.

The reason why I decided to title this as ‘I’m not perfect,’ is do we expect too much from others? For example in this altercation did I expect too much from them? In this altercation, I personally hadn’t been accused of anything just that I couldn’t make a decision that would affect me in the long term, in the space of a few hours. So did the person expect too much of me? To be honest, we both expected different things from each other.

This altercation sadly didn’t get resolved….and I was left hurt because I had made sure over the years I had been honest and true to myself and held them in the highest regard (it was both business and personal). But it had all fallen on my place and both relationships were left in tatters.

Moving on from it, I have learnt never be in business with family who can’t compartmentalise between work and home. Always, stay true yourself, no matter what they  say to other people or how they twist the story. If you are in the right, the truth always comes out. So don’t little yourself like them, and don’t expect from them, what you expect from yourself. Forgive them, but don’t forget, the reasons why we have fights is because we need to learn and learn the hard way.

Be a flower. Fragrant to the hand that crushes it. Its easy to be angry and want harm to the other. And trust me I know the feeling. But being good brings goodness into your own life and makes you shine or be like a flower, although outwardly torn and broken, still beautifully smelling. No one can take away from the good you do or comment negatively on it. Well they can but there isn’t that guilt or nauseating feeling when you do good. And with good, good comes into your life. Bad only brings in darkness. So it’s your choice. But I have learnt its easy to be bad and do bad, but normally, the choices that are hard to make are usually the best ones.

None of us are perfect, so keep that in mind the next time someone does wrong by you or hurts you. But that doesn’t mean let them carry on and make you suffer, always leave a negative situation. But leave it and move on to positive. Trust me this altercation left me in a tight spot. I’ve had to build back up and grow again. If I were a plant, literally my petals were torn and I am regrowing, but will I cause harm and suffering? No. (I wish they knew how it would feel, but in the circle of life I am sure they will). Instead I choose to move forward and better myself as hard and as slow as it will be.

‘Be like a flower, that gives fragrance even to the hand that crushed it’ – Ali ibn Abi Talib

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