Job Satisfaction

I haven’t blogged in while. I haven’t put on a facemask in ages either. I haven’t had time to just think and do nothing. I’m not complaining but I wish every so often there was a three-day weekend so I could fit in all the things I love to do but aren’t a priority.

During my busy work time, the topic job satisfaction came to my mind. To be honest I don’t know how much job satisfaction drove me to my current job. I didn’t like being in a lab and I didn’t want an office based job so this was a great alternative. I would see different people each day and depending on the children’s modd, time of day or even just whether they felt like learning may hour let alone day would be varied.

In the short space of time I have had the opportunity to work in this setting I have seen so much already and there have been real lows. I have had days where I just think why am I doing this? I could be paid the same and do something which isn’t as stressful and I don’t have to think so much. But then a student says something funny, or gets happy to see me or even actually learns something that the stress for a second disappears. That feeling lasts for a minute or two and a new situation unfolds itself. But that feeling of happiness is addictive and the ability to see the results of my efforts over a short period of time is something else. That’s the reason why I could stay in research. I hated how my months of research led to one minuscule difference which wasn’t either important, significant or a null hypothesis.

Job satisfaction is very important. It keeps you going through the hard times of any job. And if you’re in a job where you don’t have that satisfaction and can stick with it then I admire your will. A job is so much more than the pay at the end of the week or month. Of course, that doesn’t mean I don’t get excited when I find out its the end of the month or through some of the bad times it keeps me going. But I don’t think its what motivates me or once I make my large Asos haul matters anymore.

I guess what keeps us satisfied in jobs differs from person to person. But before deciding on a career, think if I didn’t get paid or need the money would I still want to do this? That’s when you’ll know whether you’re satisfied. If you work most days out the year then why not make sure you work to live and your work has an importance to you. Rather than working 9-5 everyday for the end of that end of the month pay.

That doesn’t mean you will always be satisfied by the said job. But it means you know why you are doing it and if you know that then you have direction in life. It also means, that on those bad days you won’t have a complete breakdown. You may still cry and want to quit but you won’t because you see the purpose to what you’re doing.

I don’t know if this will fully make sense because I have a spare minute and have just typed this out without proof reading. But I leave you with a question: If you didn’t need the money, what would your life look like?

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