So, what’s next?

This question pops up after every milestone. What’s the next thing? What job are you going to get? Are you going to do a masters? Get married perhaps? Go on a holiday?

Once you have achieved your target, or even failed. The questions ready and waiting to spill from everyone’s lips is what’s next. Its almost as we are conveyor belts moving until we reach the checkout. (sidenote: my laptops making a strange creaking noise and its really distracting me from this post)

Sometimes I don’t have a plan for what’s next. Sometimes I don’t want to share my plan. But most of the time I probably don’t know. It’s crazy how those sentimental, crucial and life changing moments are just boxes to be ticked for others.

What’s next isn’t always a question we want to answer when we aren’t sure of the reply ourselves. Sometimes, we’re reluctant because we don’t want people to ask about the next step in case it turns out badly. But don’t let this question overwhelm you. Keep in mind every day is important. So value it, don’t overwhelm yourself, and get scared that you need to be perfect now. Make every day great and if the question of ‘what’s next’ overwhelms you, then just think what’s next isn’t always in the long term, sometimes its tomorrow, sometimes the next hour or sometimes the next 15 minutes.

Each day turns to each week and before you know its another year done. So start small and think big and one day you’ll be in the place you dreamed would be next.

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