The Honeymoon is over…

There’s this really nice part between the end of exams and the start of a new job, I call it the honeymoon period.

University experience for me, was an amazing time. I met some amazing people, learnt so much and grew as a person.I made friends for life and have too many anecdotes to even remember! But of course it was hard, by the end of my final year I was stressed, looked like a mess and I didn’t want to be in CC (computer cluster) from all hours of the day and dream about practice exam questions in my sleep. Of course, with the stress I had great friends who would make it easier and even fun, but the final year really does make you physically and emotionally tired. Basically, we were looking forward to graduating but trying to forget we wouldn’t be together anymore.

After exams there was a lovely time. It was summer, I didn’t have to spend my weekends in the CC revising or fine-tuning a dissertation, I could lie in and spend time with my friends and family. I got into a routine of doing nothing, okay not nothing but leisurely activities. But there’s always this little sadness, that reminder that a good time is over. You see everyone getting into their new adventures and you take a deep breath for whats to come. The graduate ‘honeymoon’ period is now over and September brings about the true graduate life.

Instead of going back to uni and seeing the friends who had gone back home. You’re left with a strangeness, a newness and a sense of adulthood. I call the summer a honeymoon period because graduating seems amazing at first and such a freedom, but then a few months in you realise it’s not all sunshine. Of course, now you’re in a job and getting paid and meeting new people but nothing is quite like uni.

Unlike any other time you choose you’re structure, you get the chance to have afternoons off every so often and spend the day with great people. Life isn’t always the same. Most days you’re busy with work and by the evening too tired to do too much else. Of course weekends are free but it isn’t always easy to meet up when everyone lives on each corner of England.

University is a time which will always be a great memory and any opportunity or chance to meet up or remember those great moments is great. I guess having sadness that its over means it was special. Being a graduate has its perks and doing a masters or further study is great but nothing compares to undergrad life.

No matter what, post-grad is a harsh push into the real world and sometimes it gets a little easier especially when you love what you do.But uni life is something else. So love it, even in the final year stressful hair tearing parts because you’ll smile like me, when you think back to some of the stupid things.

For all the graduates, love what you do. If you still haven’t got the right job keep trying! You’re still so young and have plenty of time to get settled and in the career, it just takes a lot of hard work to guide the path. Embrace the new and enjoy the change because I’m sure we will all soon miss this time too.

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