Starting something new is exciting. It brings about a freshness and hope.  Starting something new strips away the familiarity of comfort and suddenly I am alone and slightly lost.

Seeing the orange leaves marks the start of Autumn and the beginning of the new academic year. For the first time since I was four, I am not going back to my normal routine. Okay I will be going back to uni, but not as a true student and I will only be there for 12 weeks of the year. But I know it will be a tough 9 months. And to be honest I don’t know if it’ll be a career that will stick but I want to carry on studying.

I guess I’m having a cloud of doubt. I am taking a stab in the dark and experimenting with different jobs until I find the perfect one.  Just because I have graduated doesn’t mean I am cemented to one field. And that takes the pressure off. Being free to move around and know that if I don’t like my job doesn’t mean I have to stay in it gives me the sigh of relief I need. If you’re like me and are unsure about what’s the right job, give anything and everything a go and something will stick or you will eventually find your way. You won’t be lost forever. And if you’re worried about money, you can make money in a million ways and don’t need to be in a fixed contract to do that.

This post was just a collection of my thoughts. I guess I was having a moment where I needed reassurance and I got that so thought it may be something that someone else might enjoy. In a ‘perfect’ world its important to realise each one of us has perfect imperfections and times of self-doubt and confusion.  But it makes sense in hindsight.

One another note, I had just finished vacuuming when positing this and thought of the Borrowers. Whenever I vacuum I always think am I disturbing a family of borrowers that live under my house? And that’s a segway for realising we aren’t ever alone, we may be lost, but there are always other people or creatures (ok not borrowers) such as animals and bacteria (can’t leave them out, they are organisms after all) and that somehow brings me comfort to know.

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