Essentials For an Interview

So this is a post on materialistic items, not mental qualities such as confidence etc; My blog post is aimed more at the corporate side of interviews too but most items can be applied to all job interviews.

  1. A well fitted blazer and if its winter, a coat. It is so vital that appearance is neat and formal. A well fitting item not only makes you look appealing but also makes you feel good. It gives the impression that you are serious enough to invest in good quality clothing for a job. To be honest you can get some really nice interview clothes from most high street shops and until you get a job can live with one blazer.
  2. Umbrella. I cannot stress the importance of an umbrella. If you are travelling to an interview looking like a damp mop is not the cutest look. Plus you will spend your whole interview shivering and feeling uncomfortable.
  3. Interview prep. Sometimes a phone/laptop/tablet is unreliable and you need something which you can easily look at without needing data/wifi. Don’t hate yourself when you’re on the train and can’t connect to the wifi and haven’t got those specific company details.
  4. A plan of your journey and the trainline/ bus app ( if going on public transport). Trainline was a life saver for me when I had to travel ages away and one of my trains was cancelled for the rest of the day. In advance, I learnt the train was cancelled and could re-plan my route whilst on my first train using the app.
  5. Food. Keep some snacks which will be light and easy to much on the go. I didn’t have time or the stomach for a proper meal on the way to my interviews, so having some dried fruit and a couple of snack PLUS water was really helpful to keep my energy up. Also maybe some mints in case you take a packet of cheese and onion crisps.
  6. A mirror. I know, this post has a lot of vanity, but if you’re travelling long distances its always worth checking that there’s no lipstick on the teeth or a crooked tie. Plus you can do some power poses in front of the mirror too.
  7. Something for the way home. I can’t just sit on the way back, I need either a good playlist/ something to watch/read. Have something downloaded and ready to look forward to on the way home to help time pass.
  8. Portable charger and headphones. Always a must for long days and crap battery life.
  9. A folder. If you have to take documents, a nice organised folder impresses interviewers and shows organisation.
  10. Comfortable shoes. Long distances require a good pair of shoes and if you don’t like your formal ones take two pairs with you but to be honest just find a nice pair of shoes which look decent and feel good too. Nothing worse than limping to an interview.

I don’t think this is an exhaustive list but its many of my essentials that I needed. I feel this is a minimal list, I normally carried a toiletry case with some small items in it such as hand sanitiser (public transport…need I say more?) a pair of fluffy socks (most of my interviews were on damp days) and a pen.

Are there any must haves you need?

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