10 Things I Learnt This Summer

This title sounds like a movie, maybe it is one? But if my summer was a movie it would be me moving around a lot. That’s it. It would need a part two because it would finish on an unfinished cliffhanger.

1)It flies by. Like how are we already at September? There are so many things which I haven’t done and have to do last minute.com. (Who even says that anymore? Well clearly me).

2)I can cook. Like I am actually a chef. Now that I have said this, I’ll probably jinx myself. But seriously your girl can cook.  I had to give out my food to extended family members before they believed me. Like what’s that all about?

3)Going on from 2), I bake when I’m stressed.  I might aswell apply for bake off. That’s another sign that you know summers over. when bake off starts. But Channel 4?

4) I probably went grocery shopping every other day. No matter the shopping list I make I always forgot something. I think the staff at my local supermarkets probably thought I was a stalker.

5)I don’t like doing nothing. I go crazy just sitting there. I’m a busy body. (Is that the right word?)

6)No one has to do anything for me, so when they do its from the kindness of their hearts. Nothing in this life is free.

7) Everyone and their dad got married this summer. And I mean EVERYONE. Seriously?! I can’t count how many weddings I have been too and quite frankly its put me off weddings. (Top tip: No matter how lavish your wedding, if the food doesn’t taste good, no matter what else you do it won’t be a good wedding)

8) People surprise you. When you least expect it they give you hope and faith.

9) Being grateful is the biggest game changer.When you feel like you are stuck or at a blip be grateful for everything at that point, it will open up everything. I mean that. I know people say be grateful but truly for me I realised what a positive outlook it gave me. If we all focused on our own blessings this world would have a little more happiness.

10)  Enjoy this day because you won’t get any younger. There may come a day where you could wish to go back and just do the simple things and be in the life you once had.  The opportunities you have now aren’t going to be there forever so enjoy them; how big or small they are.

The end of summer brings a collection of new memories and the realisation that the new year is not far away. But I feel the end of summer marks the beginning of a new chapter.

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