Results Day

Everytime I hear results day there’s a turn in my stomach. So if I could go back and now what I know now about results I would take it all in. Here’s a few pointers so that you poor students are ready and prepared.

1.Check UCAS straight away. First thing, before collecting your results as soon as UCAS is open check

2.Now you’ll either have two different messages. A) You have got your place confirmed and it will change to unconditional or B) Something like UCAS is yet to refresh. Now if you get message B that means that your firm and insurance have both declined you as you have not met the conditions

3.Get the telegraph or a news paper and check clearing,  yes you can check on a phone but having a newspaper with the numbers is faster and easier to call. I like to just check clearing to see how many places have actually been filled it gives an overview to how well the country did. Even if you have your desired place getting the newspaper might be a nice little memento.

4.If you have got your place then celebrate and enjoy and collect your results to see if you got what you expected. If you didn’t, and have checked UCAS and it was not updated then go to collect ASAP and see what results you have

5.Don’t panic it isnt the end of the world if you havent got your results.

a.Decide if you will resit exams and apply for the same course

b.Have a back up prepared and check clearing for the number of the back up

c.If your unsure what to do, my best advice is find a university place, even if you don’t want to go to it, you at least have something to fall back on

6.If you got better than expected you can check on UCAS and change the course for something which requires higher grades

7.Take a breath, it will be a moment which will be a blur and a whirl of emotions

8.Go over your plan, speak to family or teachers or friends and do what’s best for YOU. Don’t feel peer pressure and do what you need.

9.Congratulate You have survived A-levels and have got to this point

10.Enjoy the rest of your day! Of course these results are a big deal but this isnt the end or the most important day of your life. Don’t compare and don’t regret. What’s done is done and I’m sure you will all have done amazing!

Go nandos? Nandos are giving either free chicken or a starter to A level pupils getting their results no matter what the get. Turn up with your ID and exam results and enjoy a cheeky nandos.

p.s Word on the street is examiners have mad a bit of a mess of marking so if your result looks a bit dodge please ask your school whether there have been other people with weird marks. It could be that you need a remark. In one of my exams half the year got G’s in one of our R.E exams so when they came back remarked we had actually got A’s and A*s so it does happen! But good luck!

Nandos info:

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