Getting an interview but no job

The title says it all. When applying for a job almost always I’ll get a call back asking for a telephone interview, this leads to either another video call or a direct face to face with an exam. But that’s where I was stuck. I got to the interview and then I would not get the job.

The first few times, I though this was normal. Fair enough, I had zero experience of interviews and did not expect to get a job straight away. However, when the feedback was not constructive and the feedback was ‘you didn’t have the spark,’ or ‘there are no negatives’. AKA we just weren’t feeling you, you often wonder where do you improve?

To be honest I think a lot of this is in terms of character. I’m not going to lie, I thought my interview skills were perfect and to some extent my answers were. Until, I did a video interview and got to pre-view the footage before had, that’s when I realised I sometimes sounded like a know it all. My tone, without me realising, was a bit arrogant but I was able to change the way I came across. So quick tip, if you’re not getting the job, try recording yourself (I prefer this to getting someone to watch), this allows you to decide whether you would give yourself the job.

If that doesn’t work try thinking about the job. As a graduate, sometimes you won’t get into the perfect job straight away and that’s okay. Try finding a slightly lower level job, which has a slightly lower pay and apply for that. See the response you get. For me, that worked but wasn’t an option for other reasons, but it showed me that if I worked in that position for a year I would be able to move up. Don’t be arrogant and think just because you have a degree you should get that job, sometimes you need experience and the ability to find some confidence before that dream job. And trust me, you will get it, but sometimes it takes time. Also, getting that lower level job gives you options, you don’t have to take it straight away but at least there’s something to fall back on?

You will find something. It may not be the career of your dreams at first but life isn’t perfect, so don’t be complacent. We build our careers in the same way we built our education, one year at a time. So don’t worry too much if your graduate job doesn’t have the bells and whistles, at least it’s a start and you are learning and getting them pounds (pounds sounds a bit dead, getting that dollar has a better ring). And with time and confidence you’ll be at the top and most likely grateful for the low level experience. I know that so many entrepreneurs, wanted to work from the manual jobs and work the way up, that way when they had their own business they knew the trick to every trade. But hey that’s my opinion!

I hope that helps. Also I’m hoping there’s another heat wave soon. My trampoline needs a clean and I really don’t want to do it unless the sun will dry it off. But then again, after the last heat wave, when we finally got rain, the idea of rain seemed strange. Water droplets out of the sky? It’s actually such a miracle.

Anyway good luck!

3 thoughts on “Getting an interview but no job

  1. Great article – it can be stressful (and quite frankly terrifying) to be a graduate these days with the amount of similar candidates on the job market, but we all have to start somewhere!

    We have a bunch of posts over on our page specifically for graduates, and have loads of advice on getting the most out of your job search, so feel free to head over and check them out! We’d love to hear your feedback, so do leave any thoughts in the comments.

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    1. Thank you so much for the feedback! It is definitely daunting being a graduate. Its also so difficult to know where to start or what our first job should be. I will for sure look on you page at the posts as they sound very useful! Maybe in the future we could collab on posts?

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