Hallelujah I’m Free

Graduating is exciting but at the same time it feels bitter. The freedom of graduating is the realisation of not being with the people you have been seeing probably more than your family not as much. It will all be fine.

Of course I’ll miss the uni life and the crazy things my friends and I  would do…. but you still talk to your friends, still do crazy things and life goes on. So goodbye undergraduate life, you’ve been complicated to say the least.DSC_0045

Graduation day itself, for any future readers is a hectic day but it’s the goodbye you need. The last time you’ll see people, you get to see the campus at its best and finally get your degree. Only when you leave and have that degree will you realise you’re done. That’s it and case closed.

To be honest now looking back, I don’t mind. At first I did, but I’m ready for something else. I don’t want to see those familiar faces which I wasn’t friends with but knew of. I don’t want to spend my weekends in computer cluster and I definitely do not want to be in the lab. So for me hallelujah its over! I know I’ll still see the people I care about and those which I don’t, I won’t have to see ever again. Savage I know but true. I needed a clean break but at the time didn’t realise it. Towards the end, everyday was the same and I’m not about that life. Looking back if I could tell someone starting uni, I’d say enjoy it because with the stress comes some of the best and funniest memories. Soak it all in because it will truly be such a happy time.

I’m glad its ended because I’m exciting for what’s to come and the new memories that are left to be made. I don’t want to go back to the same place in September, so let’s see what’s next.

Also, shoutout to my family who really made this day special. Sadly my mom wasn’t able to come to the ceremony but my family went above and beyond. And my dad who became a pro-photographer for the day. Take a minute to be grateful for the amazing people who would do anything for you and another minute for the waste of timers and truly realise why people were put in your life. Congratulations if like me, you’re done. I hope what’s next for you will be even more amazing!

p.s. My next post will go back to my normal way. I wanted to officially close my undergraduate degree with a post.



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