Let’s be honest. This will be a pretty honest post from me and a pretty rough one because I don’t really like talking about my failures but sometimes listing them out is therapeutic and clears my mind. This blog is first and foremost for me, I like to write, its my way of processing and I know some of the thoughts I go through are similar to other people so why not share them and start a conversation.

I’ve been rejected many times. I can’t count the amount of times. It probably started as a tot when my cousins didn’t want to play with me because I was too small. Rejection is normal and its part of survival of the fittest. However, the fear of rejection is an innate response that goes back to the first days of man. Rejection from a tribe meant death and since then when we face rejection we feel like our world is over.

I have applied to countless jobs and to be honest I probably haven’t been interested in 80% of them. As a graduate, I need to keep my options open, so any foot in the door I have, I’ll apply to. Whats funny is that most of the places I have applied to don’t want me either. At first, I thought so what, eventually someone will want me, I’m not a weak candidate. But as the days past and the rejections pile was higher than the interview pile I started to worry. And that’s when it all went to shit.

I’ve probably been the busiest since I’ve finished exams, my mom has just had brain surgery so I’ve taken on challenges I hadn’t had before. Anyway, that’s besides the point, I’m drifting. I think with the emotion that comes with all of that on top of the insecurity of my future, I just lost hope and mixed my rejection with failure. But they aren’t the same.

I write my posts in advanced and keep them on a auto-publish, but I just was more lost than I’ve ever been and I lost my motivation.  I won’t go into the ins and outs but my dad gave me the words that I really needed on a late Friday night . I can’t remember his exact words, but he said rejection is part of life and this is only the start. You’ll face more rejection and things won’t go our way, but success is not a straight line and sometimes we have to do things we don’t want to, to get where we are destined to be. I think, my own pressure to leave university and be a success was the real fear, I want to be more than what I currently am and I needed to realise that success doesn’t happen over night. Hearing that my initial job rejection was only the start, wasn’t what I wanted to hear but its what I needed to hear. I needed to know that this was normal and I wasn’t unlucky, this was life. I won’t just get rejected in jobs, people will reject me, but its not the rejection that’s important, I need to dust it off and try again.

Richard Branson didn’t become a success overnight, he knew he wanted to be an entrepreneur from a young age and people laughed. He got rejected. When he wanted to make Virgin Airlines, they laughed again. He wanted to go into space, they laughed and rejected his ambitions. But here he is. And here we are. Rejection is normal, but don’t stop. Carry on, find something else, put your all in and if it doesn’t work out keep going. Because eventually it will. Don’t let the fear of rejection stop you from trying.

Honestly, I’m such a drama queen, my mom has just had part of her skull removed and here I am crying about rejection. I guess that’s my parents, parenting skills at their finest, no matter what goes on, your education is priority. Reality has definitely bitten me and left a nasty bruise but life isn’t all about the best job or making the most money. Okay, its important, but when you look back on life, do you look back on that first class assignment or do you look back on the laughs, the friendships and the people who made life worth living?

4 thoughts on “Rejection

  1. Hi,

    Great post! I’m going through the same thing…graduated in natural sciences this year with a 2.1 and I can’t seem to find the perfect job! I have reached the last stages of an interview process but alas I’m always rejected!

    I just wanted to know, what class did you graduate in as it seems that it’s harder to find a job if you get anything less than a first 😦

    Hope to hear from you soon!

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    1. Hi Amelia! Thank you, I appreciate the support. I graduated in biomaterials which is basically engineering this year, officially graduated a week ago. I know what you mean I went through a similar situation. My best advice or what worked for me is to find a job which is sightly less than perfect but is close to what your ‘dream job’ is. That way you can gain some experience and hopefully move up. At least then whilst hunting you have a back up job which is still a good job. Also well done on the 2;1 thats fantastic, don’t lose hope most companies hire an amazing graduate with a 2;1! Hope that helps. 🙂


      1. Thanks for the response!

        I definitely will not be giving up and just yesterday I was offered a job! I’m not sure if I should go for it but I’m thinking I should just to build up my CV…

        So did you graduate with a first?


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