Tell me about yourself

So, tell me about yourself. I hate going to interviews, or having phone interviews or those interviews where I have to record myself talking and they ask this question; tell me about yourself. Seriously? Seriously! Like I can describe myself and my 21 years on this Earth in a 30 minute interview, where one of the questions is a vague as my future.
When I hear this question I seriously want to leave the interview. And if I’m being honest, in one interview they started off with this question and I very nearly rolled my eyes. I didn’t go through with it because I realised they could be my make or break for getting them pounds. Come on, which interviewer thinks that ‘tell me about yourself,’ will give a well rounded response? Like yeah, really in the three minutes it takes me to answer, you’ll know enough about me to make an informed decision of whether or not I will be right for the said role.

When I have answered this question in the past I always have to pause and think right, so what part of myself do they want to know about? Some interviewers ask this ridiculous question to learn more about a candidate outside of work. Whereas others ask this learn how an interviewer got to the this profession. So coming back to my thoughts I always have to gamble on which ‘myself’ will I give to them. Will I tell them about the me who is training for a marathon or the me who hated being in labs and is looking for a job where I don’t have to use a Gilson pipette? And then the seconds gone and I give them the second answer.

But seriously, when I think tell me about yourself, I think of so many things. I’m not a boring person so telling someone about myself means telling them A LOT. Okay so I may not be a boring person but I may be egotisitical if I have to limit telling other people about me. But there is so much to choose from, do I say I’m not a morning person? Or do I tell them I like my tea strong? Or tell them I was a chubby kids and still have the chubby cheeks?

What I’m trying to say is this is a vague question which shouldn’t be asked because no matter how well I think of a response you will never truly get to know me by asking this question. Instead ask a situational question about what I would do if I saw that a cat was stuck a tree for example. Be more specific, like tell me about your work life, tell me how you got to this situation, tell me how you landed yourself in this career. Or of you want something more personal ask: tell me about what you like to do in your free time, tell me about your favourite trip that you’ve been on. Never say tell me about yourself, because I’m being pushed to saying ‘I’m the type of person who hates this question.’ You may think answering like that will be my loss but I don’t think I want to work under someone who can’t even come up with interesting questions.

This is quite a rant on a small tiny little detail in the job process part. Has anyone else had this question, or feel the same as me about it? Or am I just too picky.

p.s. Anyone seen the new Spiderman trailer? I had my reservations but it looks quite good. I was meant to watch it with my brother but hes decided to watch it with his friends so if you know me personally then hit me up and we can watch it.

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