Things a Graduate Should Know

Apparently there’s a secret society once you graduate. Nah, I’m joking, well not so much of a secret society but there’s a harsh reality, for one tax kills the salary. I was reading something on the Independent and one of the most interesting topics was an advice, kind of good looking out page article for graduates. Some of them were still relevant, others not so much so I thought I would collate them and I’ve added a few of my own because this is my blog after all.

  1. You can do anything. The only thing stopping yourself is you. You might say money is a factor, time is a factor, experience is a factor. But all these things can be dealt with, so if you want to do something trust me, you can do it
  2. This leads me to point two. YOU are your own competition. You can always become a better self.
  3. Don’t settle. In a career or marriage. This is something I have heard countless times from countless people. If you don’t think a 9-5 is for you then don’t do it. I would say try it out first because you might surprise yourself. Also, I am not saying if work is not for you don’t do it. That’s unrealistic unless your parents are rich or you want to find a sugar daddy/mama but I don’t recommend that either. In marriage, choose someone who is going to bring you up and help you through the hustle. Most people tend to get married after the graduate (I’m not saying straight away so chill) but choose wisely, the right person will come along eventually. And if you think the ‘right person’ has come along but has paid no interest then move along.
  4. Learn to say ‘I don’t know.’ University has taught me (mind my language) that people can BULLSHIT so much that they believe what they are saying. But matter of fact, the person you are telling this crap too probably can smell the B.S so don’t do it. It will make you are more credible person.
  5. The choices you make now will impact on the rest of your life. The job you choose, the place you choose to work in will all determine the people you surround yourself with and the person you evolve into.
  6. Make yourself valuable. By this I mean find your niche. As human beings we are all unique (Danny Devito says this at the beginning of Matilda) and we all have something to add to the world. Make money, that’s value. Do some charity.
  7. Have some humble pie. It is delish but sometimes hard to swallow (see what I did there, hopefully it doesn’t have too much cheese (okay I’ll stop)). I know you have a degree now but humility is what truly helps further your career. Bill Gates is so humble and its made him pretty successful.
  8. You don’t have to sit another exam in your life. This one I got from a friend. You can now officially be revision free, but to be honest we are tested in other ways. For sure, children are tests, spouses are tests, stopping yourself from overtaking when a learner is ahead is a test.
  9. Learn from your parents or the people in your life. Listen to their stories. Their achievements and hardships can teach so many lessons.
  10. Never stop learning. This is probably the most important point I think. No matter what age, we are constantly beating, constantly homestasing, we aren’t physically static so make sure you aren’t mentally either.
  11. Tax will be deducted from your salary and it will hurt your heart. But the NHS and so many other things need it I guess.

Graduating has a sense of freedom that you can’t feel until you finish education. Its bittersweet, but it’s so exciting to see what the future brings. These things were some of the most common advice pieces people have told me and were listed on several sites. Its interesting to see what ‘old’ people want us graduates to know. And if we would look back on and tell graduates would we give the same advice? I might get some direct advice from people who graduated decades ago in a future post, so keep your eyes peeled.

Is there anything you could add to the list?

p.s. Gene Wilder played an amazing Wonka in the chocolate factory. One of the quotes that stands out to me is ‘and so shines a good deed in a weary world.’ Truly your comments really make my day shine.

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