Tips to Help Find a Graduate Job

Applying for jobs is exhausting and it’s hard to know where to start and I think back to when I was little and I liked to play pretend I had a job. (Baby Salma, go play with the legos and don’t pretend you’re an archaeologist or a teacher or a lawyer because your job hunting time will come) I thought I would write a few top tips which I have been using and have helped me out the most. I am writing this directly to me, as I am currently going through this so I hope it is as beneficial for you.

1. Find the perfect job sector for you (If you don’t think you have found it yet, then apply for everything and see what seems to work). If you are getting more responses in a certain field than that may be the best place to focus your attention on.

2. Make an online presence
Linkedin is a perfect place to make connections with business, employers and recruiter
Also many recruiters post plenty of job adverts on there or by putting your CV on job sites can also be an easy way for recruiters to find you but a word of warning, don’t put all your personal information on there as its an easy was for identity thieves to take your personal information. (No I’m not paranoid, I have heard some scary stories!)
To be honest, I personally haven’t found Linkedin too useful in terms of jobs but it is a good way to join groups and stalk potential employers and find out more about the field you want to join.

3. Have a concise CV
As a graduate, research shows your CV should not be longer than 2 A4 sides and a side and a half is the general guidance
The CV should be up to date and changed depending on the type of job you are applying for. I know its hard to gather up your life and put into a side and then to tailor it to a specific job but a good CV significantly improves the chances of you getting noticed amongst the piles of CVs that a recruiter has to go through.
Therefore make sure you tailor each CV and cover letter to the employers. Or another good idea is to create several CVs which are tailored to each job title you are applying for.

4. Apply for jobs regularly
Don’t leave it until August to start applying
Job searching and apply takes a bit of time so the sooner the better
Use various websites, don’t limit yourself to one recruiter

5. Keep it moving
By this I mean make sure you don’t stop and become stale
Continue to make yourself employable by doing voluntering, having a temporary job or improving a skill.
If you are getting to the interview stage and have still not got a job, work on employer feedback. Some employers get lazy giving this so make sure to pester them because constructive criticism is vital.

So there you have it. These are my five tips to help get onto the job market. I know its a struggle to firstly settle on the field you want to go into and then applying until the right job comes along but its all worth it in the end. When that cash flow is coming in you’ll be thanking yourself.

p.s. I have written this ahead of time as I will be very busy in the next few days so please keep me in your prayers, thank you all for your beautiful support and comments for not only the blog but everything else. I appreciate your support so much.

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