5 Things I’d Tell My First Year Self

I thought I would write a little reflection on my university experience and things I would tell myself if I could go back in time. It is a bit cheesy but reflection is.

1. Work hard. To be honest that’s a given. Put your all into everything.

2. Do you. This is the time to do the most. If you want to revise then revise, if you want to join a society then do that, if you want to sit and stare out the window and drink tea with your friends then do it. The random times make the most memories. First year especially, is the time to join as many societies, go to as many events and experience as many things. There is so much to offer and so many events. I wish in my first year I chilled out a bit more and did more. If there’s an event or an evening out, it won’t kill you to go Sal. Do what you want to do but in first year you don’t need to work as hard as you think. It doesn’t count after all.

3. Don’t be scared of your lectures or lab. They are pretty smart people who can teach you so much. If you have a question or need some guidance when doing a lab project or an essay go and ask them. Okay, they may give you a sarcastic answer but there’s no harm in trying. Lab time is scary and the micro-CT (in my case) you’ll have to figure out yourself but that’s life. You won’t be shown everything in life and this is a good place to learn that. Just try, even if yo u break something its not a big deal.

campus sunset
We were all in the lab till late and all wanted a good snapchat sunset picture. We turned off the lab lights and annoyed the lab staff. Talk about priorities.

4. Read around the subject. I cannot stress how much reading journals is important. Also, this will make you love the course even more. There is so many interesting parts about biomaterials and the more you read the more you’ll feel enthusiastic about work. Do as many placements as you can, take all the subject related visits that are on offer to you. It may seem time consuming at the time but when you need to fill up your CV you’ll be thanking yourself. Anything can do, do it because you can manipulate its skills to help show hoe valuable you are for a future job.

5. Enjoy seeing your friends every day. Once you leave you won’t have this luxury. If you want to go out to eat (go to Shiraz’s in first year, you will all be obsessed with it later), go to as many different places as possible, you’ll make some amazing memories. Try and do something every week, it can be as little as going to Tesco’s and getting a load of junk food but these times you will miss the most. Also, if you want to  make friends with someone you see every day to break the awkwardness, do it. When you graduate you probably won’t see them again so it is not as big deal as it seems if it goes horribly wrong. If anything, you’ll have some funny stories to tell. Don’t be shy, soak up working and seeing your friends and make new ones.

Enjoy the next three years and carry on working hard. There will be times of fear,  and awkwardness but the majority of time spent will be filled with hilarious moments, great friends and the best stories. Don’t be shy, just do you and you are paying £9000 so use everything to your advantage. So, that’s the advice I would give to my past self. What advice would you give?

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