12 Months Experience

So I’m a bit confused. Does anyone else have this issue or is it just me?

I’ve been applying to graduate jobs, as you do when you’re a graduate. You look for the key word ‘graduate’ in the title or the job on whatever job search site it is and think yep, this fits me. I’m a graduate, I need a job and this must be for a graduate who needs a job. So I click onto the job description and read the part where it says you need a bachelors degree and think yep I have that, and see all the fluff like you need to be ‘motivated’ and ‘enthusiastic’ and although your applying for these jobs day in and day out so you don’t really feel those kind of words, you know come interview day after a few cans of red bull or lucozade (whatever gives you that energy boost) you’ll come off as enthusiastic enough. By this point you think oh yeah here’s another job which fits me. But then, you scroll a bit down, to the experience part and there you have it. The most confusing, mind-blowing requirement there is; a minimum of 12 months experience. I’m sorry what?! Did I hear that right? So I re-read and I’m right it says 12 months.

So here comes the part I’m confused about. Where am I meant to get this experience. If the employer hasn’t noticed, as a graduate for a ‘graduate’ job, I’ve been in university for at least three years in order to graduate. And in that time I’ve had exams, assignments, lab and a dissertation so where in that time am I meant to squeeze in experience? Well I do sleep in the night, sadly university means I don’t get a wholesome 8 hrs sleep but maybe I’m meant to sacrifice that and work in industry in those hours?  No. I’m not. Employers should stop being s unrealistic.

What I see is that 12 months industry experience means they want a graduate to get a job, low-level if need be get trained by someone else and once that graduate understands the rope, they are ready for them and leaves the company which was willing to train them up. I find this lazy and uninterested in equipping the future of tomorrow. How does society expect ‘young people’ to take responsibility of their lives when employers don’t entrust then with responsibility?!

Employers need to realise us graduates are ready to go industry and want to learn by a company which wants to teach them. We don’t want to work for a year in one company get used to the ways…and then after gaining industry experience have to go through the job hunting process all over again to get said dream job. I guess, I’m frustrated with the lack of commitment from employers to graduates.

The reason I have become so frustrated is because of my own personal dilemma to go into a slightly lower-experience level role which I would have to stay in to build experience and then get into my ‘dream’ job. But quite frankly, I don’t know whether I want to do an admin type job for a year (I know I’m impatient) and I don’t know whether my own dream job is my dream job anymore. Having time away has made me realise I want to be able to make a positive difference in the world, of course I want a job which pays the bills but aside from that, having so many Mulberry bags, Louboutins or Audis can only give you so much happiness. Until, I think I would need to do something which would add a bit of good into this chaos filled world no matter how small it is. Plus, why would I want to work for a company which doesn’t care about their graduate employees. Therefore, its made me rethink my whole job genre, whether I want to move away from home and whether it makes sense financially (the south is expensive after all). There is more to my confusion but its 2:00am and I don’t have the physical or emotional capacity to explain.

I guess this job world is a dog-eat-dog world and I may want to do that in the future but for right now I’m unsure. When I was in uni, I was so busy and living the rat-race but coming out of it and into the calm I’ve realised for right now I like the calm. I don’t know whether I will like it for long so I’ll still apply for ‘graduate’ jobs but its made me explore avenues I never thought I would. This has taught me to never rule out any profession, a change of heart could mean it may be good for you at that time.

I don’t know if this is even a well written post because it was written in the limited free-time I have when I can’t tell if I’m fully awake.

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