Making the Most of Summer

Now that summer has finally come after what seems like an eternity of exams. Is it just me, or does the month of exams feel like a whole extra year added on to uni? Anyway, as most exams are finishing this week, I thought I’d give my top tips for making the most out of summer.


  1. Take a break

You’ve been on the grind for a long time, it’s time to relax and enjoy doing nothing. This is likely to be the last time ever you have nothing to do for such an extended amount of time so embrace it. Make plans with your friends, socialise! After living in the library or cc for a month you need the human interaction. Also, make the most out of your uni friends, whether they are on your course or not. This may be the last time you ever see them again before you all follow your own paths so say your goodbyes, do fun things together. To be honest, I don’t know why I’ve just said how to socialise, you probably know how to do that without me saying it.

  1. Get your graduation preparation sorted

Make sure to book your cap and gown and photographs. I still haven’t done this but I need to get it done, I don’t want to be wearing the ugly gown on graduation day. Don’t be the one person who forgets and is in a last minute panic.

  1. Sort out your back up plan

Make sure to have something set up that if worst comes to worst you can fall back on. This will also make summer so much less stressful, knowing you have something to do. I know it might not be what you want to do but at least it’s better than carrying on with the rest of the year feeling confused and lost.

  1. Do the most

By do the most, I mean do the most or as much as you can do. Set in place plans so that your summer is filled with fun things to look forward to whether it be holidays, roadtrips, graduation celebrations with friends. Whatever it is, summer is so much better when there are plans and organising things in advance will save money as you will have a rough guide on spending. No more student finance, means being more street wise. As a tutor, I have less work during summer so keeping track of money is important so that I can make sure I don’t go too crazy online shopping and have nothing left for holidays and days out.

  1. Apply for everything

Don’t leave things to September. Apply for things as and when you can. It’s easier to split up applications per week, i.e. setting up a morning a week to apply for things, this way there’s no last minute cramming and stressing.

I hope these tips are useful and come in handy. I know I needed them more than anyone because I’ve been doing a lot of chilling but I deserve it. After exams, I think my body was exhausted and I couldn’t get enough sleep. I can’t complain, to be honest as I’m writing this I’ve started to feel sleepy so I’ll end it here. Good luck with the remaining exams you have, I know some last until next week. I know it feels like it won’t end, but put your all into it and enjoy the long summer.

p.s. How beautiful does UoB look in my display image? I think this image has a funny story behind it but I’ll save that for another day when I want to reminisce. (No I don’t know the person who ruined my picture)

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