It’s raining, it’s pouring

Today’s post is going to be a quick little musing, as quite frankly the day has flown by and I’ve been busy doing other things so have had no time to write.

My plan today involved doing a lot of things outside (because I’m determined to get tanned even if my grandma doesn’t understand the concept of me wanting to go darker). Anyway as my featured image shows, today was not an outside day. I had to literally sit inside and watch the rain and I guess it reminded me that for the most part life is out of my control. There are situation which I wish I could replay, people I wish I could fix and rain I wish I could stop. But sometimes the things I want to control so bad are what I really need in order to grow, change or become a better person. At the time, like today I can’t see why it needed to rain but in a week, when the blackberries start to bud, I will.

Essentially, what I’m trying to say is there are many things we can’t control but we can control our reaction to them. You may be in a situation which you don’t want to be in right now, but don’t like the circumstance dictate your life, take the situation head on and embrace it, make the most out of it and change it so that when you look back you see the goodness and the beauty out of it, no matter how ugly it once appeared. We only have the moment we are living in as our own, the future and past are now out of our hands, so make that moment worth while, even if it is raining.

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