Future Chef/Wifey?

Adjusting to family life
So today is the first day of Ramadhan and with that brings preparation of food, lots of family time and self-reflection. Coming out of exams where I was mainly in isolation just by myself in the computer cluster doing my own thing to now being at home surrounded by my family. I can’t lie and say the adjusting isn’t hard, when I was revising I missed family time but now I’ve been thrown into the deep end and have had to adapt back to family life. For example as I write this my brother is playing fifa and shouting at one of his friends, ‘Fellani is better, I swear.’ And I can’t stop laughing at how deep fifa is for him and it’s those moments which make me love being able to be home.

Also, Ramadhan has started on my second day of freedom and as much as I love Ramadhan (I’ll explain why in a sec) I feel bound as I can’t really do too much in terms of socializing with my friends or going out as I want to make the most out of this month. Now anyone who is reading this who doesn’t understand Ramadhan, will probably be confused or even some people who do celebrate Ramadhan won’t get my seclusion so I’ll explain. Ramadhan is a month of fasting where we fast physically (not eating in the sunlight) and mentally where we refrain from our desires. For me, Ramadhan is a time for self-reflection where I think about me and the way I am and whether I am doing the most I can do to make this world better for the people nearest and dearest to me and those who I don’t know. I personally, want to be able to make a difference in this world and the best way I know how to do that is by helping another person out. Of course, from one Ramadhan to the next my goals and aspirations get a bit cloudy so each year this month comes at the perfect time. Although I wish I had a bit of time to do some fun things before it, in a way I am grateful it has come straight after exams as I can re-examine my goals and prospects just in time to enter the job market.

So that’s basically it in terms of Ramadhan and how it has impacted me so far. Otherwise, it’s been amazing to wake up in the morning and not have to worry about what exam I have to revise for, what exam I have that day etc; It has given me time to do normal things. Like today I made samosas, and guys I thought doing a degree was hard but wait till you do a long shift in the kitchen. No, on a serious note, it’s been nice to do normal thing which don’t require brain power. The samosas have turned out pretty good and I can’t wait until sunset to see how they taste.

In terms of the direction of this blog, I want it to be useful and help us all out, so in the next few days my plan is to put another page of helpful tips and tricks to make the most out the summer, some ideas of future jobs, the best website to look for jobs as well as keeping you updated on my own plans. I feel we have enough fashion, make up and gaming blogs out there but I couldn’t find a site going through something similar to me although I know quite a few people in this boat so I thought I’d start this.

If there is anything you want to know or want me to write about let me know.

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