The First Day of Freedom


So today is my first day of freedom. Well its supposed to be. After 18 years of education I’m officially done. Well according to fulfilling my parents quota I am. I’ve gone through nursery, primary school, secondary, sixth form and now I’ve finished three years of my undergraduate degree.

It wasn’t an easy path, well primary school was. I think work started when I was nine and my parents put me forward for the eleven plus. That’s when the work started and until now I don’t think it stopped. I thought getting into a good grammar school would be it, I would be set and now the school would do the hard work for me but I guess going to grammar school would set me up with a hard working ethic where even today on my first day of freedom I can’t stop and had to start writing this. I guess I don’t know where I am going and that unsettles me.
When applying to university I wanted to go into a degree that I enjoyed and would have options and I managed to successfully get into a degree which did that. As a graduate I can go into anything from engineering, PR, law, teaching or accountancy. Yes, for some of these options I would have to do another year of education but this course has left me with so many options that I’m confused. Of course I am grateful and this is exactly what I wanted, I can’t complain because I like to be free and have the ability to change my career path. I could have done a course which led me straight into a degree, I think there’s a word for that but at this minute I can’t remember it. (Give me a break I have just finished a degree).

And now I am here. Sitting in my garden in 28 degree heat writing away trying to find my path. But it’s hard. Now you may be thinking, if I am this concerned wouldn’t I have done something in advance? Well I have. I have been applying for jobs and have had some interviews and sadly they were unsuccessful but they were my first ever interviews so I was kind of using this as experience. Now I know I am not the only one which feels like this, happy with their degree decision but confused about my future plans because of the amount of options. And I feel it is normal but I think its finally hit me that I am officially done as a child and am a graduate ready to enter the real world. As much as it excites me and I can’t wait to see where I end up because I know it will be amazing, I am anxious to be in this space of not knowing but I guess that’s the fun of life. When you go into something unknowing and then when you finally adapt to the change you cant imagine your life without it.

So as I ramble on, I am writing this as a daily update of my life for me and for everyone else who feels scared or confused or for anyone else who’s just nosy. I’ll be updating you all on my graduate life and where I end up finding my feet in this chaotic career orientated world.

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